About us

Labelle Villa
We offer 12 luxury rooms with bathrooms. Rooms are double or for three people.
We can accommodate about 30 guests at the same time. Villa is situated at Krupówki Street,
main pedestrian street in Zakopane.
It is a terrace house built in 1905. After upgrading our building gained elegant and modern
decor. The building has two floors. Most rooms have classic or French balconies . Our
building is situated in the excellent area. Another advantage is the children's corner.
Due to the central location of the Villa we have parking in nearby streets.
The entrance to the building is from Piłsudskiego Street.
Pets are not allowed.
In our building we offer at your disposal:
reception desk- open from 9:00am to 6:00pm (to 10:00pm additional reception desk at Jan Villa)


WiFi in the whole building
• living-room for children
• dining room - "buffet" breakfast in the morning from 8.00 to 10.00 every day
• free parking

Detailed description of the rooms:
We offer 12 deluxe rooms ( single, double or for three people)
The same standard rooms are about 20-25 square meters.
The atmosphere and the cozy décor of our rooms meets needs of our guests.

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